Health Through
Faith and Community

A Study Resource for Christian Faith Communities to Promote
Personal and Social Well-Being



The links below offer information related to the curriculum and other information which may be of interest to teachers and participants. The Health Fund is not responsible for the content of external links.

Spiritual Diversity and Social Work Resource Center
Kansas University social work professor Ed Canda, who led the team which authored the curriculum, has gathered a wealth of information and photographs which are available on his faculty website.

How to obtain the study guide
The Health Fund no longer has a supply of the study guides, but they remain available for purchase online through a variety of vendors:

United Methodist Health Ministry Fund
Based in Hutchinson, the mission of the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund is "Healthy Kansans through cooperative and strategic philanthropy guided by Christian principles." Its funding comes from an endowment established in 1986 by the Kansas West Conference of the United Methodist Church from a portion of the proceeds of the sale of Wesley Hospital in Wichita. Since the Health Fund's founding, grants totaling more than $70 million have supported hundreds of health-related projects in Kansas. The Health Fund's Healthy Congregations program provides resources for development and growth of health ministries in Great Plains United Methodist churches.


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