Health Through
Faith and Community

A Study Resource for Christian Faith Communities to Promote
Personal and Social Well-Being


Supplemental materials home page

This website contains supplemental materials and resources to be used in conjunction with the curriculum book. The book is designed as an instructor resource, containing handouts and overheads for use in presenting the class. Class participants do not need individual copies of the curriculum book.

Handouts and overheads

The curriculum book contains a number of pages designed for overhead projection and handouts for distribution to participants. To make the curriculum as easy to present as possible, we have made the handouts and overheads available in electronic format through this site. The overheads are available in PowerPoint format, which can be projected using a computer and digital projector. The handouts are available in Adobe PDF format, and can be printed and copied for distribution to participants.

Links to additional resources and materials

As we continue to use the curriculum and receive feedback from presenters and participants, we will update and add to the materials on this site.

How to obtain the study guide

The study guide is available through a number of online vendors. To see options for purchasing the book, please click here.

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